Designer Spotlight

I forget exactly how I first came across Mike McQuade's work, but I was instantly drawn to it. I love his frenetic collage/compositions and the way the finished pieces end up looking both chaotic and resolved. Most of his work is editorial and must function within a layout in print or on the web. Mike's use of structure, composition, and detail make his pieces really stand out and act as phenomenal companions to the written piece. 

Saul Bass

Saul Bass produced an incredible amount if truly timeless design. From his huge repertoire of logos (so simple and iconic) to his famous work with the film industry (credit sequences, poster design, etc.) His expressive illustration style - geometric and awkward and "off" - is so iconic and it speaks so much to the design around the world at that time. Bass' typography is modern and helps to truly create a "mood" for each poster. Many designers have interpreted Bass' work over the year - and his influenced is still seen every day. I'm a huge fan of Saul Bass' work and still think fondly of the paper I wrote on him for my history of Graphic Design course during my time as a student.