Snail Mail "Pristine"

I heard "Pristine", the lead single from Snail Mail's debut album, Lush, on an episode of NPR's All Songs Considered and was instantly struck by the lyrics. The honesty and ripe emotion in Lindsay Jordan/s (who is... 19!?) writing is stunning.

It feels appropriate for being 19, or 14, or 22, or 27. 

Don't you like me for me?
Is there any better feeling than coming clean?
And I know myself and I'll never love anyone else
I won't love anyone else
I'll never love anyone else
If it's not supposed to be
Then I'll just let it be
And out of everyone
Be honest with me
Who do you change for?
Who's top of your world?
And out of everyone
Who's your type of girl?

It's obvious that I'm finding inspiration in the clouds and how the sky changes during the day, month, and year (see Sunrise posts.) The background photo was taken in late June at 2nd & Washington in South Philadelphia (flipped vertically.) The photo/texture from the text is a mistake that was captured via iPhone camera (you know when you accidentally take a picture out of focus, in motion, or of nothing? Yes, that.)

So, find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Cherish what speaks to you.