Highlights from Zahav | June 3, 2015

C & I went to Zahav last night and had a beautiful meal filled with flavor. As soon as we were seated I was immediately excited because we were right near a huge, open window - which meant that long-lasting natural summer light.

It was a phenomenal meal from start to finish. Everything was so carefully considered. All of the flavors worked to present interesting and complex dishes from start to finish. Service was impeccable and I even managed to snag some leftover Salatim for a snack. 

What we ordered… 
* denotes favorites (Spoiler alert: there are many)

Salatim (pictured)

  • Pickled onions
  • Green beans
  • Carrots *
  • Eggplant dip *
  • Peppers
  • Beet dip *

House made Hummus with Laffa (pictured) *

Fried Cauliflower with labaneh with chive, dill, mint and garlic (pictured) *

Duck Hearts grapes, green tehina, pine nuts, ramp greens (pictured)

Cobia Crudot turkish salad, fava beans (pictured)

House Smoked Sable challah, fried egg, poppy

Sirloin Shishlik eggplant caponata, babaganoush (pictured)

Lamb Merguez garlic, english peas, rhubarb (pictured) *

Kataifi chocolate ganache, ricotta, hazelnuts

Coffee Custard hibiscus huckleberries, amaretti crumble *