PWD Friday Studio (Collage)

Every few Fridays, the incredible team of talented folks I get to work with like to get away from our desks and screens and focus on some hand-done mini-projects. 

A recent "Friday studio" focused on collaging old, soon-to-be recycled paper products (out-of-date drinking water quality reports, old advertisements, various outdated outreach material, and some beautiful Communication Arts magazines from the 1960s.)

I immediately covered most of my 7" x 7" square with a swash of PWD blue (the back of a report from 2015.) From there, I was drawn to the old and beautiful relics of past design (that illustration style! the typography! the halftones!)

I ended up really liking the asymmetry of the collage, and leaned into the misogynistic/sexist undertones found in some of the source material (lookin' at you, 1960s Communication Arts...)