Drink & Draw Sketches

AIGA Philadelphia hosts a series of events called "Drink and Draw." Various artists chat about their process/work and inspire those in attendance to do some drawing themselves. 

The February event was hosted be MECRO, who is known for his use of dynamic, bold, and layered typography. He encouraged us to explore how different styles of text layer on top of one another. I was struggling to come up with words to write (do I use song lyrics? do I think of clever words that look appealing? what about random words? or one category of a thing?) So I instead turned to a summary of the event & my experience at the event.

After spending about half an hour working on this – adding in comments, overheard conversations, observations, and details, I was ready to move on.


For my second sketch of the night, I wanted to try something completely different but still in line with MECRO's thinking. I chose to treat the word "Fluxy"(an obscure reference to a song by the band The Early November that i've adopted and been using since 2008.) I drew some boundaries and started layering and adding type (playing with scale and density). The "final" piece is weird, imperfect, and fun.