Best of 2017

Album Art

Not only are these two albums (Lorde's Melodrama and Manchester Orchestra's A Black Mile to the Surface) two of my favorites of the year, but I also am really drawn to the simplicity and effective use of color. The Lorde album cover is haunting and captivating. The hand-painted portrait captures the album's emotion & spirit. 

Book Covers

There are so many great book covers from the year - it was hard to narrow down to a few of my favorites. I had not seen the cover for When Dimple Met Rishi until I was looking around at some of the 2017 book covers, but I was instantly drawn to the casual, cheeky, and specific aesthetic being communicated from the cover. Janet Hansen's cover for All We Saw is simple, restrained, and intriguing. And Nick Misani's cover for The Age of Perpetual Light is so effectively executed that it completely encapsulates the title and makes for a fantastic image.

Brand Redesign

I'll be very curious to see the Chobani rebrand roll out into stores. I'm wondering if it will stick (is it too design-forward and "now" looking to last in the mass market?) and/or how it will continue to evolve. I love the new typographic choices, and the effective use of illustration and photography makes for a fascinating system. 

Movie Posters

Even though I hated the entire experience of sitting in a theater and watching mother!, this poster is stunning and a work of art. The soft painterly style adds to the image that is laden with visual references to many of the Biblical undertones and allegories from the film. (Side note: I lauhged out loud and rolled my eyes a number of times throughout the movie...)