Process: Social Media post for Rain Check

Part of my current job involves these mini "campaigns" promoting the Philadelphia Water Department's residential improvement program, Rain Check. The fall/winter is usually a slower time for the program and we have been doing small social media pushes for sign-ups aligning with various holidays/motifs over the last 6 months or so (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)

This is one of my favorites we have done - a fake personal ad from a rain garden to a resident. I personally enjoy how tongue-in-cheek and specific it is - but I had a blast making this particular graphic.

Here's a break down of what the process was:


Starting from the left:

  1. In order to get the right sense of bundled up and layered newspaper, the quickest way to execute this was to actually bundle and clip together real newspapers. 
  2. After scanning the newspapers in, I Photoshopped out the text to give me a base for creating the faux personal ad.
  3. I got the content in place, trying to make it seem like something that would legitimately appear in the back of a newspaper.
  4. To emulate the way someone would circle an ad (in this case, with a heart), I tried out some different strategies, and found that a highlighter on white paper produced the best results. 
  5. With some Photoshop assistance (changing color, blending), the final piece came together.