2016 Books: A–Z

Chris suggested late in 2015 that I challenge myself to read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet in 2016 (eliminating some small article words, like 'the' 'a' etc). I wanted to try some new authors, topics, points of views, and types of books in the process. I did not read the books in any order - just kind of started somewhere and found my way through the alphabet.

Some favorites/thoughts:

  • Favorite Overall Read: Intimacy Idiot by Isaac Oliver
  • Favorite Book Cover: The Girls by Emma Cline (or) Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler
  • First Book Read: Room by Emma Donoghue
  • Last Book Read: Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle
  • Books read on Audible.com: 2
  • Books read on Kindle: 4
  • Books borrowed from the library: 18
  • Book most outside of my comfort zone / from a genre I don't usually read: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel (Science Fiction / Fantasy)

Below, take a look at a more detailed slideshow of the books/process. 

Onto 2017 - I'm not setting any rules for my reading, aside from to keep reading books that excite me and from a diverse pool of tremendously talented authors.