Spotlight: Parc d’Atencions

(from Brand New)

Parc d’Atencions is a new children’s daytime oncology and hematology center at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, one of the largest hospitals in Spain. It’s a project created by the Fundación Small and materialized by donations from different institutions, companies and individuals.

What I love about this (beyond the cause/location & strong need for calming/refined space for Children's healthcare) is the sense of imagination, creativity, and design. It's fun without being over-the-top, which is a welcome change to many spaces for Children's healthcare. Often, both sides of the spectrum can be found: intense, cartoon-based, bright, branded spaces (ie. Spongebob decals on the wall) all the way to bland, beige, uninspired. 

I love the illustration style, and the exploration of developing the custom type/letter lockups. I think a patient (of any age) would respond to the sense of whimsy and imagination, while still feeling fresh, and in a way, ageless.

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